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An integrated security management solution for monitoring and coordinating the entire transport sector security system from an open, scalable, safe platform.

Ports, airports, train stations, and bus stations are all complex facilities where a high number of people, goods and vehicles, transit, especially during holidays.


The Secure Home Solutions required to reach the desired level of security in the transport sector comprise an integrated system that includes: access control with turnstiles, biometric digital fingerprint readers, video surveillance with high-resolution cameras, number plate reader and container codes, automatic barriers, for controlling and protecting various areas (perimeter, vehicle and pedestrian entrances, car parks, etc).


The SHS system foresees the use of an integrated security management platform with the aim of:


  • Increasing efficiency in controlling people, vehicles, and goods that travel through these structures each day

  • Protect investments incurred to implement the security systems

  • Increase efficacy in risk detection

  • Increase security levels and emergency management


Modern, innovative technology that integrates all the systems and allows the entire security system in a transport company to be monitored and coordinated from a single, open, scalable, and reliable software platform. The atlas platform integrates all the information from security systems and makes it available: from video surveillance, intrusion detection, access control fire detection.

To increase safety – security and improve efficiency, we provide solutions like:

  1. GPS Tracker

  2. Access Control System

  3. CCTV Camera

  4. Fire Prevention Safety

  5. And many more...



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