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Depending on the sector the challenges of safety and security vary, as the level of protection needs to be adjusted to the circumstances. One of these special fields is (bio)pharmaceuticals.

Protecting staff, products and information is one of the main concerns and biggest challenges in the biopharma sector. In the past few years, the pharma industry has changed its focus from products more towards development and research. One of the reasons is the increase in restructuring programs initiated by larger companies as the pressure on opioid distribution rose. Focusing more on research means that companies need to invest more money and require more clinical science funding. As a consequence, there’s also a higher need to protect information from hackers and industrial spies. This combined with reduced staff and increased industrial spying has made it necessary for companies to upgrade their security system – including access control and video solutions as well as video management systems (VMS) for cameras and audio.

To increase safety – security and improve efficiency, we provide solutions like:

  1. Surveillance CCTV: HD, IP & Wireless Cameras

  2. Time Attendance Machine: Thumb, Face, Palm & RFID Card

  3. Access Control: EM Lock

  4. Intercom System: Analogue & IP 

  5. Fire Alarm System: Conventional

  6. IT Systems & Peripherals: Desktop, Laptop, Printer & Many more

  7. Networking: LAN, Routers, Range Extender

  8. Public Announcement System: Speakers & Amplifier



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