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Some banks may have many floors, while some have many branches located in different cities. All these locations and parts of the banks are equally important as they collect, store, and secure the money of those who have their accounts managed by the bank. Banks are always at high risk of robberies, thefts, frauds, and break-ins. It is extremely crucial for maintaining the safety and security of the money and bank employees. Growing crime rates and increasing instances of security breaches, leading to massive loss of human life, information, and assets, are the major drivers of the electronic security market.

To increase safety – security and improve efficiency, we provide solutions like:

  1. Access Control: EM Locks

  2. Fire Alarm System: Conventional

  3. Camera Surveillance & Monitoring: HD, IP & Wireless Cameras

  4. Networking: 

  5. Epabx

  6. Glass Break Sensors

  7. Smoke Detector

  8. 2-way Audio System (Bank & ATM)

  9. Intrusion Alarm Panel



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