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Factories lie at the core of the manufacturing industry and are often targeted by opportunist criminals for several reasons that include:

  • High-value raw materials, equipment, and machinery inside them,

  • Their remote location,

  • Their large size making it difficult to maintain complete visibility throughout the site, and

  • The absence of factory security systems.

Crime against the manufacturing industry has always been an issue, disrupting not just the day-to-day factory operations but also adversely affecting their output and contribution to the economy.

Thankfully, there are simple measures that you can take to minimize the security threats while also protecting your property, assets, and people. Read on to find out all about factory security systems and why they are so important:

To increase safety – security and improve efficiency, we provide solutions like:

  1. Surveillance CCTV

  2. Access Control

  3. Epabx

  4. Boom Barrier

  5. Fire Alarm System

  6. IT Systems & Peripherals (Bulk)

  7. Networking (CAT6)

  8. Public Announcement System

  9. Stationery Items (Bulk)

  10. LED Lights (Bulk)



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