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Yellow and Black Global Response Enginee

These days we see more and more people migrating to urban areas to create a better life for themselves. This, of course, places a greater urgency on governments and metropolises to improve public safety and security. However, we do know that new technologies and devices enable urban areas to deploy smarter applications for crime detection and prevention. These applications are crucial to helping the police, medical teams, and first responders make the best decision possible when dealing with emergency situations, However, with all that said and done, where do you need to begin when figuring out your smart city initiative?

We provide essentials for smart city safety and security!

  1. Surveillance CCTV: HD, IP & Wireless Cameras

  2. Networking Mapping

  3. Internet Access Points

  4. Road Traffic Products

  5. LED Street Lights (Bulk)

  6. Road Safety Products



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