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Yellow and Black Global Response Enginee

A Shopping malls & Multiplex are one of the most crowded hubs where people in large numbers visit on a daily basis for various reasons. Shopping malls have various stores, food courts, large parking areas, restrooms, movie theaters, etc. that could be exposed to several criminal activities like theft and vandalism without proper security systems and guards. It is important to ensure the safety of the valuables in the mall stores as well as the workers and daily visitors. There are many different types of security systems that can provide security to the regular flow of inventory, money, and people.

There are many challenges facing the managers of a shopping mall. But with the right technology, there are many opportunities to create new, engaging customer experiences. SHS has the experience and understanding to help design and deliver solutions designed specifically for shopping centres, built around your precise requirements.

To increase safety – security and improve efficiency, we provide solutions like:

  1. IP Based CCTV

  2. Fire Alarm System

  3. Boom Barrier

  4. Access Control System



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