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What is difference between Dome Cameras & Bullet Cameras?

Equipping your home or business with surveillance cameras is a perfect way to keep the area safe and secure. But how can you choose which type of camera will be most beneficial to your perimeter? Surveillance-Video would like to break down the differences between dome cameras and bullet cameras and list the pros and cons of each of these devices.

Dome Camera

These cameras get their name due to their circular, dome shape. The actual camera is encased in a transparent protective dome and can effortlessly blend into most surroundings. Because of their discreet design, businesses tend to use dome cameras inside their buildings. Typically, most customers use them to monitor the following:

  • The isles and inventory of retail stores.

  • Areas in hotels such as the lobby, swimming pool, business center, and gyms.

  • Parking garages.

One of the main benefits of dome cameras comes from its protective shell that covers the lens. This shell makes dome cameras extremely durable and less susceptible to vandalism.

Dome Camera Pros

There are many benefits to be had when choosing to purchase dome cameras. Some of

these benefits may include the following:

  • A discreet design that blends in with the surrounding area.

  • The rotating camera allows for viewing wide angles.

  • It is hard to determine where the camera is facing due to the rotation and protective dome.

  • They can be used indoors and outdoors.

Dome Camera Cons

Understanding the cons of dome cameras can also help you make an informed decision when looking to purchase surveillance devices. These cons may include:

  • Dome cameras tend to have a shorter range than other cameras.

  • More cleaning will need to be scheduled as it is easy for the dome camera cover to get dirty.

  • The installation process can be somewhat burdensome.

  • Dome cameras are difficult to re position.

Bullet Camera

Like dome cameras, bullet cameras get their name from their design, as their cylindrical shape looks like the shell of a bullet. However, unlike dome cameras, bullet cameras are intended to stick out and be noticeable. The main benefit is that they act as a visual deterrent for potential thieves. Though indoor use is feasible, their deterring properties and long-range capabilities make them the perfect outdoor security measure. They are best when used for the following:

  • Overt security purposes.

  • Monitoring areas that require a longer range.

  • Protecting properties that can be broken into like your house or office.

Bullet Camera Pros

Choosing bullet cameras for security comes with many benefits. Pros of these devices include some of the following:

  • They can scare off would-be intruders by being visible.

  • Bullet cameras have an easy installation and repositioning process.

  • Offer a wider, longer range than dome cameras.

Bullet Camera Cons

Though extremely beneficial in deterring thieves, bullet cameras also come with cons. Cons to be wary of include some of the following:

  • They are not as durable and can be more easily vandalized than dome cameras.

  • Not very discreet.

  • Their shape and outdoor nature can lead to small birds building nests around these devices.

When looking for security options, both bullet and dome cameras come with pros and cons. A great layout would be incorporating a mix of these two devices, but that is not always necessary. There are scenarios where using only one type of camera can be both viable and effective. has both types of these cameras and others to choose from so you can keep your property or business safe and secure.

Please visit our website to make your selections today.

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